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Would you like to start up for yourself and take your future into your own hands? Fit20 is an international and innovative franchise formula from Dutch soil. Many franchiser owners have gone before you. You are interested in health, exercise and sport. You like people and want to mean something to others. Owning a business appeals to you but you don’t want to do it alone. And you want a financially attractive future.

We assume that you have taken a good look at and that you therefore know that fit20 is a short but intensive fitness training that gives our clients incredibly good results in only 20 minutes personal training per week.

To make sure that you, as a candidate franchiser owner, are fully informed and can start well prepared, we would like to tell you more about owning a business within the fit20 formula. The most important reason is to give you insight and also a handle on the opportunities, possibilities and pitfalls so you can weigh them all up before deciding if owning a fit20 studio is for you.

We will be more than happy to talk further.

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Invest €75.000 to start your own business.

Depending on your costs, your investment will generate a salary from the first month.

Personal contribution

You require private capital of approx. €20.000.

By using your own capital for part of the investment, you will feel like an entrepreneur from the start.

Average turnover

The average turnover is between €70.000 and €200.000.

To generate a high turnover you work with passion, follow the formula guidelines and set yourself weekly, monthly and annual goals.

Franchise fee

We apply a tiered fee.

We reward successful franchise owners.

Studio surface area

The required surface area is between 70 to 100 m2.

A studio is often located in a collective business property and does not have showers or changing rooms.

Our success formula


Over 15000 clients

Over 15.000 clients have taken a total of more than 2 million training sessions.


More than 13 studios in Belgium

Each week over 20 fit20 personal trainers in Belgium work at making our clients fitter.


Worldwide formula

We started with our first studio in the Netherlands in 2009. We have since opened studios in the UK, Belgium, Qatar, New Zealand, Germany, France and America. We will be expanding to more countries soon!

“Actually, the greatest compliment is that all our clients return each week”.

Hilde Scherrewitz - fit20 franchise owner of fit20 Apeldoorn Noord & Zuid

“Actually, the greatest compliment is that all our clients return each week to train and that fit20 Apeldoorn is running so well. It means people are satisfied. I think fit20 is great. I’ve always done a lot of sport, but my body has never felt as strong as it has since starting fit20. Furthermore, at fit20 there is a lot of knowledge about training and the body and I really enjoy continually learning and working with it.”

“fit20 has offered me the step up to genuine entrepreneurism”.

Bas Pronk - Franchise owner of fit20 Overschie & fit20 Rhoon

“fit20 has offered me the step up to genuine entrepreneurship, which brings the best out of me. I enjoy the successes of business and I have the right fighting spirit when challenges appear. Now that the studio is gaining structure and stability, I see new opportunities on the business horizon. It regularly reminds me that this was the right choice for me.”

“Having a fit20 studio has changed my life for the best!

Sabine Lammers - Franchise owner of fit20 Nieuwegein

“fit20 is a unique, highly-effective training method that is perfectly suited to the modern way of life. Because of the short time investment, everyone can manage to free up 20 minutes a week to train effectively. The training makes you mentally and physically stronger, everyone benefits from it. Having a fit20 studio has changed my life for the best!”

“I enjoy the fact that my clients have such good results”

Ron Jobing - Franchise owner of fit20 Groningen

"I have a calm and respectful approach and I’m interested in my clients. I explain a bit about the background and scientific evidence behind the fit20 training method because it is important that the client understands what the method does for their body. The fit20 training method is really hard work so I try to bring some humour to lighten the mood when the going gets tough for the client. I enjoy the fact my clients have such good results."

Why join the fit20 franchise formula?

Would you like to change people’s lives for the better by helping them get fitter and healthier? In only 20 minutes per week? fit20 is a game changer that is looking for people who want to make an impact on the lives of their clients, their staff and themself!

fit20 is innovative, different, and looking for people who dare to be unreasonable. Do you dream of your own business but as a part of an internationally active formula so you don’t have to go through all those novice mistakes yourself?

Encouragement, communication, planning, structure and reliability; that’s what fit20 is all about. Curious? fit20 might well become your formula. Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.

Walter Vendel – founder of fit20

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